You need a logo; Now what, Where do you start? 

Understand that the logo is the first and single most identifiable graphic that you will get created for your business. Your logo will most likely make it on every piece of marketing material create for your business. For this reason, it is very important that this is a process that should not be rushed.


"A company's logo is its shorthand, a visual cue that tells a story of the brand's culture, behavior, and values"
Su Mathews Hale
Senior partner at the New York brand-strategy and design firm Lippincott
Japan Exotic Culture and Tradition

5 Steps to a Successful Logo.

Your logo is usually the first thing that consumers see so it’s important that it leaves an impression. Think of larger brands and their logo. Immediate attention is drawn to companies such as McDonalds or Nike. Their logos are simple, however they also have a strong brand that complements the design. They have taken the SMART approach.


  1. Simple
  2. Memorable
  3. Appropriate
  4. Resizable
  5. Timeless

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